The Universal Symbol and THC Products - Why They Need Each Other.

The market of cannabis has been around for centuries and it continues to thrive today. In recent years, several states have been legalizing the use of medical and recreational purposes; however, with new laws, come new regulations that manufacturers have to be compliant with. The universal symbols of Cannabis are labeled on all THC products and packaging, including THC capsules, to help with proper identification. 

The universal symbol varies from state to state, but still with the common effort to protect the public’s health and safety. For example, in Colorado, the symbol for THC products consists of an exclamation mark above the word THC in a diamond-like shape, showcased on the image below. 

Regardless of the minor differences, each symbol is impactful because it raises caution through their distinct and noticeable qualities. The universal symbol must be implemented for everyone to raise awareness and prevent accidents. Karin McGowan, CDPHE’s Deputy Executive Director states, "Whether it's used on retail or medical marijuana products, the universal symbol helps both consumers and non-consumers easily identify that a product contains THC and avoid unintentional ingestion.” This heavily regulated industry makes any cannabis-related product’s visual identity essential before, during, and after hitting the dispensary (no pun intended). 

For the medical and recreational patients, a consistent way to take cannabis in is in capsule form. THC capsules are easy to ingest and masks odors and taste. Using different capsule sizes, you are able to infuse accurate amounts of product in your THC capsules. For consumers, this means now they can have precise MG’s of THC per serving. This can be a difficult task when considering other THC products, such as edibles, where the amount of desired MG’s for consumption can sometimes be a guesstimate.  

Issues can arise when THC products are taken out of the proper packaging.  Not everyone fully understands cannabis, and if it gets into the hands of children or non-patients without a distinct label, accidental ingestion can happen. This can lead to undesired complications. How can we prevent that from happening, create ease of mind for the consumers, and also adhere to regulations? By utilizing the warning label beyond just the packaging. Manufacturing cannabis capsules with custom labeling will allow you to have federally compliant products. Also, consumers can differentiate your product from competitors with other high-quality customizations that we offer, such as your own size, color, text, and logo. 

Empty two piece capsules can be purchased in bulk in vegetarian or gelatin forms, gluten-free, and no preservatives (along-side other quality features you can check out here.) Our unique manufacturing and customization allow anyone to easily identify THC capsules because we are able to label each individual capsule and packaging with the universal symbol. This is crucial for children or animals that lack knowledge of THC products or the effects, especially when they are out of proper packaging. By labeling both the product and packaging, users will be able to promptly identify or shelf cannabis-infused products, as such items will be seamless to find because of their labeling. A bold warning label like the universal symbol triggers us to look twice before consumption.  

Cannabis in a capsule is convenient because we want to create flexibility and let the creativity flow out of you for your product.  By custom making your THC capsules with your state’s universal symbol, you will be up to par with regulations and prevent unintentional consumption and usage. Most importantly, you can customize your empty capsules furthermore to represent your brand and story.

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